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As a soulful entrepreneur and somatically informed business and life coach, my passion lies in empowering heart-centered visionaries like you to achieve your goals and create a profound impact in the world. Drawing from over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and five transformative years immersed in Gene Keys teachings, coupled with my deep knowledge of somatically informed practices, I offer a distinctive blend of soulful coaching and practical tools to foster thriving, soul-aligned businesses.

My journey has been marked by personal trials of grief, loss, and transition following the untimely passing of my beloved sister, Jen, in 2022. Through this firsthand experience, I have come to understand the immense importance of community and support during times of profound transformation. This deeply personal journey has illuminated the incredible power of grief, guiding me to embrace life and love more fully. It is from this place of personal growth that fuels my desire to inspire those seeking authenticity and illumination, even amid life's challenges, empowering them to craft lives of purpose, joy, and lasting impact.

Welcome friends, I'm so grateful that you are here. My name is Stefanie Joseph and I specialize in creating spaces for turning ideas into reality through 1:1 coaching or group masterminds, leveraging community, alignment, and action. My focus centers on nurturing heart-centered entrepreneurs to actualize their potential, taking bold, intentional, and aligned steps toward their dreams while uplifting one another in the process.

Now is your moment to embrace greatness, align with your soul's calling, and foster a life and business that nourishes both spirit and body. I stand ready to guide you through healing, thriving, and living. Together, we'll unearth extraordinary potential, leaving a lasting imprint on the world.

Available Programs

Stefanie's Free Resource Hub

Ready to embrace, accept and love yourself?!

Check out our Free Resource Hub which includes all my free resources to support you in returning home to yourself. You will find guided meditations, somatic practices, meditation, and more! 

Nurtured Connection Network

Welcome to the Nurtured Connection Network, your hub for coaching, accountability, and growth. This one-of-a-kind opportunity, designed for soulful entrepreneurs, offers weekly laser-focused coaching, self-led networking, and collaboration opportunities. During our weekly sessions, you will receive coaching tailored to your unique needs, receive guidance to implement your dreams, and connect with fellow visionaries who support each other’s journeys. No long-term commitments required – just a nurturing environment where your ideas can thrive and turn into reality.

Conscious Content Creation Workshop; Somatics and Gene Keys

This workshop may be for you if you're feeling burnt out or tired of traditional marketing and you want to feel good in your body when you share your message. This workshop may be for you if you're desiring to attract clients that are excited and choosing to work with you and the relationship feels enriching for both of you.

Come check out my first somatically informed Gene Keys exploration into content creation and visibility.

Aligned Branding & Marketing utilizing the Gene Keys

Are you a conscious/spiritual entrepreneur and get overwhelmed with traditional marketing strategies? Are you desiring to be more authentic in your messaging and allow your energies to attract the perfect client to you? This free mini-workshop is for you!  

In this training, you will walk away knowing 2 specific key parts of your design that you can shift immediately in your marketing to attract the right people waiting to work with you. It's time to let go of what you think you should be doing and embrace what you are designed to do.

Trust Your Intuition Workshop

Are you tired of second-guessing yourself and ready to tap into your inner wisdom? Trust Your Intuition Workshop was a collaborative event held by Shandell, Celeste and Stefanie. It was originally recorded 10/22/2023.

In these 90 minutes, you'll learn what intuition is, discover practical exercises to strengthen your intuitive abilities, connect with the present moment through a soothing meditation, and anchor these newfound skills in your body through a somatic practice. This workshop isn't just about understanding intuition; it's about living it. You'll leave with the tools and knowledge to trust your inner guidance in all aspects of your life.

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