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Grief Acceptance Project

Ready for a journey of embodying grief so that you can live freely? 
As a collective, we tend to think that grief only affects us when we lose someone to death; however, grief is is a part of every day life and this program is going to give you tools to embody and move your grief rather than reject it or allow it to hold you hostage from living. 

Grief Acceptance Project is a self-paced, somatically informed program that provides tools and practices in supporting you in acknowledging and moving your grief so that you can live freely and embrace what is possible for yourself!

Grief is very individualized; and as such, this program allows you to walk through at your own pace, while also having the opportunity to participate in a monthly connection call with others going through the program reminding you that you are not alone in your grief. Join others who are ready to embody, accept, and move the grief in their lives to live more freely and fully.

In this program, you will:

  • Unlock the Power of Grief: Discover the immense impact of honoring and moving through your grief instead of suppressing it. Learn how embracing your grief can lead to peace, healing, and a sense of liberation through acceptance.

  • Somatic Techniques for Healing: Explore somatic approaches and discover how to acknowledge and release grief through the wisdom of your body. These powerful techniques will help you navigate the depths of your emotions and create a foundation for lasting healing.

  • Transcend Beliefs and Identities: Break free from limiting beliefs and identities associated with grief. Uncover new perspectives that allow you to transcend the pain and open up to a more expansive experience of life.

  • Connect with Lost Loved Ones: Experience the profound connection with your loved ones who have passed on. Learn techniques to foster this connection, allowing their presence to provide comfort, peace and guidance, allowing you to have an inner knowing that they are still with you. 

  • Expand Grief into Love: Make a commitment to yourself that you will continue to honor and acknowledge the grief inside of you, allowing you to expand your capacity to love, not in spite of your grief, but because of it.

  • Access to monthly zoom support sessions. 

This introspective journey will equip you with the necessary tools and practices to embrace and embody your grief authentically. Our intention is for you to cultivate a fulfilling, joy-filled life where grief and love can coexist harmoniously.

Who is this program for?

  • Individuals who have experienced grief and are ready to embrace it as an integral part of their everyday life.
  • Those seeking to embody their grief and allow it to support them in living a more authentic and fulfilling life.
  • Those curious about a transformative perspective on grief, yearning for healing rather than feeling stuck and lost.
  • Individuals who have suffered the physical loss of someone close and desire a supportive container with others who truly understand.
  • Those who understand that healing and embracing emotions is a personal journey, and are ready to take ownership of their own healing process.
  • Individuals seeking a compassionate and uplifting community of fellow grief warriors who intimately comprehend the journey.

If this program resonates with you, I invite you to say yes to experiencing your grief through a somatic and loving lens. This is not about moving on and leaving your grief behind; it's about carrying it with you, finding peace within it, and discovering the profound healing that exists within it. 

5 Modules

Grief Acceptance Project Introduction

What is Grief Acceptance Project and why is important to move our grief. In this module, Stefanie shares why this program was created and what you will get as you continue to progress through and choose a somatically informed way of living and loving in Grief.

Processing Grief Somatically

Our bodies hold on to all emotions and experiences and grief is no exception. In this module, you will learn and practice valuable somatically informed tools to support you in acknowledging and moving your grief.

Exploring Our Beliefs

Beliefs become our biology. This week we explore the idea of our beliefs around grief and how they affect our emotional state of mind. 

Expanding Our Grief Into Love

We're writing a love letter to ourselves this week and talking about how to move forward in our grief. How do we live forward?

Modules for this program 5
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