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Nurtured & Aligned: a mastermind where your dreams come to life.

Are you a passionate heart-centered entrepreneur, bursting with dreams and ideas, but finding it challenging to turn them into reality amidst the chaos of daily life? Welcome to Nurtured & Aligned, a mastermind where your dreams come to life.

🚀 Elevate Your Vision: This mastermind is your guiding light to turn your aspirations into impactful realities. As a soulful multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, I'm committed to empowering individuals like you to create a profound impact in the world. Whether you're just starting or looking to amplify your business, this mastermind offers the ideal space for heart-centered visionaries to flourish in community.

🌈 Guidance Every Step of the Way: Experience a monthly PowerHour session hyper focused on your specific unique goals and needs, coupled with a weekly dose of group laser-focused coaching, to ensure your dreams are taking center stage. These coaching sessions are focused on your immediate needs, frustrations, and celebrations. Let them be your compass, aligning your goals with actionable steps. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, and deep immersion in the mystical teachings of Gene Keys, I bring a wealth of insight to support your unique journey. I also know the back-end stuff, so I am able to support you on the systems that will allow you to get your dreams out into the world. 

Time Blocked for Success: No more struggling with time management or procrastination. We understand that life can get overwhelming, but we've got your back. Our weekly sessions come with a dedicated time block (if you choose to block it out) for you to actually get your tasks done. This is YOUR time to dive deep into your projects and propel your dreams forward.

✅ Implementation Coaching: Benefit from over 15 years of project management expertise, as well as in-depth experience in back-end tech and platform setup. Receive guidance on turning your dreams into actionable plans, with practical support to bring your projects to life.

🌟 Somatically Informed / Capacity-Based: By infusing somatic practices and honoring your body's capacity, we will work together to build a relational business that nurtures your clients and you. Your body holds wisdom, and when you align your business with its natural rhythms, you unlock a sustainable path to success. This is about thriving, not just surviving, in your entrepreneurial journey. Your dreams deserve to be realized in harmony with your body and soul.

🌐 A Network of Trailblazers: This isn't just a mastermind; it's a conscious network. Connect with fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to cheer you on, provide insights, and share their experiences. The support you'll find here is invaluable – a community that dreams big, takes bold steps, and thrives together. The possibilities for collaboration are endless in our space.

🎉 Step into Your Greatness: Now is YOUR time. Imagine a life where your dreams take flight, where your purpose-aligned business thrives, and where your impact ripples across the world. Join us in the Aligned and Nurtured Mastermind and let's embark on this journey of transformation, success, and meaningful connections together.

✨Embrace Life's Transitions: Sometimes, life throws us unexpected curveballs (and Spirit nudges) that can disrupt our journey. These moments might require course corrections or prompt us to pause and reflect on our path. Here at Aligned and Nurtured, we wholeheartedly embrace life's transitions, even encouraging them. These moments provide us with valuable 'Are you sure?' opportunities as well as an opportunity to reconnect to your inner self.

Are You Ready To Be Seen?

Seize the opportunity to be part of a community that believes in your vision, supports your journey, and celebrates your successes. Let's align your dreams with action and turn them into the impactful reality you envision. The world is waiting for what you have to offer – let's make it happen together.

Limited spots available so that we can be laser focused on what matters to you. 

Here's what you can expect when you join the Nurtured & Aligned Mastermind:

  • Monthly PowerHour with Stefanie: Your session is scheduled when you're needing the extra boost. The PowerHour is your opportunity to receive personalized attention and make significant strides in your business. It's designed to help you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and ultimately achieve your vision for a thriving and purpose-aligned business.
  • Weekly Laser Coaching and Accountability: Every Thursday from 9:30am-10:30am MST, dive into focused hot seat coaching where you have the opportunity to keep the flow going from the PowerHour sessions. Following the hotseat, enjoy an additional hour dedicated to translating insights into action, if you choose to block out that second hour. We prioritize implementation, so leverage the immediacy of coaching to infuse newfound strategies into your business.

  • Optional Voxer Support: Desiring support between our sessions, add on the optional Voxer support for only $100. Voxer is a free walkie-talkie style app that allows us to conveniently communicate between our sessions.

But the Nurtured & Aligned Mastermind is more than just a collection of features. It's a community of heart-centered entrepreneurs who are all working towards a common goal: making a positive authentic impact in the world. With this mastermind, you'll have a group of like-hearted individuals who will provide you with feedback, encouragement, and support as you grow your business.

Don't let your ideas sit around unrealized any longer. Join the Nurtured & Aligned Mastermind and start taking action towards your dreams today!

Access to the Mastermind is on a month-by-month basis, no long term commitments are required to join. Space is limited.

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Welcome to the Aligned and Nurtured Mastermind with Stefanie Joseph. Take a minute to say hello, share where you are at with your business and what you would to accomplish here.

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Browse through the additional resource section to get support on your business. This section includes support on social media posting, visibility/marketing resources, and more. Resources will be added as we go along.

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