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Rave New Year Series - Completing and Setting Intentions for 2024

Embrace the Power of Cosmic Completion: Rave New Year Series

Have your New Year resolutions fallen short in the past?

If you're tired of setting New Year resolutions that don't come to realization, there's a cosmic reason behind it. It's time to try something different this year and embrace the power of the Sun and Human Design.

Say goodbye to the traditional New Year's resolutions that follow the Gregorian Calendar, January 1st energy (I'll share all about this in the program). Instead, come on a transformative journey with me as we tap into the energy of the Sun and the wisdom of Human Design. The Rave New Year, influenced by the Sun's transition through the 64 Gates in the Mandala, occurs around January 22. Stop setting your intentions around January 1st and instead, embrace this transformative energy with the Rave New Year. 

Welcome to the Rave New Year Series — a revolutionary approach to completing your year in harmony and setting supported intentions for the upcoming year. 

What to Expect

In this 7-part series, I'll guide you through the Six Completion Stages for ending the year with celebration and intention setting coinciding with the Rave New Year. During each phase (occurs every 5-6 days), you will receive a video and journal prompts based on the Gates (Keys) we pass through leading up to the Rave New Year. 

Overview of Stages

  1. Welcoming Love with the Winter Solstice
  2. Joy & Gratitude
  3. Understanding the why behind tension
  4. Ambition and Drive
  5. Inner Truth
  6. Inspiration and Limitation
  7. Rave New Year - Anticipating all that is possible

Why Choose the Rave New Year Program?

  • Unique Approach: Say goodbye to conventional resolutions and embrace a cosmic approach to an intentional year.

  • Guidance from a Gene Keys Guide: I have been setting my yearly intentions following the this system for the past three years and allowed me more focus and expansion each new year.

  • Transformational Experience: Give yourself the opportunity to do it differently this year and see the shifts it provides in 2024! Plus you'll have lifetime access to this program so you can come back every year to rinse and repeat. 

What you will walk away with:

  • Feelings of closure and completion
  • Clarity on who you desire to be supported by in the upcoming year
  • Cosmically supported intentions. Let the energies of the Universe hold your hand through this process.
  • Aligned and authentic intentions

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email me at stefanie@stefaniejoseph.com. If you're ready to jump in, pick which option supports you and we'll get started soon. 

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